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Monday, March 15, 2010

"The biggest influences in your life are sitting around you, right now."

     As a Pre-PA student it is known that there is going to be some intense competition to achieve the dream of being a Physician Assistant, but unfortunately I think a lot of students forget how much they can learn from the student's they are in class with and instead, focus on the competition. 
     I heard a quote recently, which is also the title of this entry, "The biggest influences in your life are sitting around you, right now." The moment I heard it, something in my brain just clicked and thought that more students need to try and remember this. Who do you stay up late studying endless hours of material with? Who is always there to eat mounds of delicious food with you in order to de-stress? It is the students you spend most of your daily life with, and it is those students who you learn a great deal from, weather it be educational lessons or life lessons, a lot of what your mind is absorbing is coming from them. 
     Now, I am not suggesting completely forgetting about the competition, a little competition is healthy, and definitely needed when going into a field that puts other's lives on the line. Though, I do not think it is healthy to have this competitive nature of the Pre-PA major to be the focus. If this your focus, your stress level will not only go up from the work load, patient contact hours, and daily living, but it will go up from the basic anxiety of always having to "win." But what are you really winning by focusing on competition? Not much more than an award for highest blood pressure at age 20. 

On this blog I will post random segments from the life of a Pre-Physician Assistant Student; I don't expect for everyone to agree with what I say, and I welcome all comments and feedback (: 


  1. Who was your favorite pokemon? I bet it was jigglypuff. or clefairy.

  2. Did you look up Eustachian tube? As the pressure differential increases, the pressure sensation turns to pain due to the stretching of the tympanic membrane.

    You passion so early in your career is inspiring. Make us proud Kathleen!

    Lisa Dandrea Lenell, MPAS,PA-C
    Host of "The PA Show"
    ReachMD XM160

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  4. I actually learned about the Eustachian tube in class today! As soon as we learned about it, I was like that HAS to be it!

    Thank you so much, I have always had a love for medicine, and it honestly just keeps growing!

    I will definitely tune into your show sometime soon! (: