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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Education is what you make it...

Well, finals are basically over, and it was truly a fantastic semester. I've always worked hard and it's always paid off, but this semester I worked harder and I hope it pays off even more! I'm sure you noticed the title of this post, "education is what you make it" - I wanted to make this my first post with the ending of the semester to address the typical complaint "school sucks."

Growing up, I never really thought of school as a bad thing, it gave me something to do (I always got bored very easily). I always wanted the best grades I could possibly get, and I worked for them. Going into college I thought, "everyone here is going to be hard workers" - they wouldn't have gotten here otherwise, or so I thought. I will never judge someone's past so I could never actually say anything about the pre-college work ethic of students, but what I can say for sure - is that there are quite a few who don't put in the effort now. To me, it's quite frustrating to hear complaints about poor grades, crappy teachers, and crappy education, when people aren't even trying to get good grades, trying to understand the teachers, or trying to learn something! A university/college provides you with an opportunity, an opportunity to better yourself in a field you wish to pursue, in college they give you options to get where you feel you want to go and be. (Not to mention the fact that most people are paying good money to receive this opportunity), how can people let such an opportunity go to waste, and worse yet, how can people not blame themselves for their dissatisfaction? Life is all about opportunities, and one of the first big opportunities we are granted as young adults is the ability to go to college. Stop wasting education, stop wasting precious moments of life, and get out there and make your education what you want it to be!

The end of the semester has finally come, and I feel that my summer will be incredible- working with patients, taking a few courses, and relaxing with my loved ones everywhere in between! I am so glad I'll have the ability to update this more; I'd love for some feedback!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The End Of The Semester

As the end of the semester is drawing near I have many things to look forward to, finals, the start of summer classes, and work. Though mostly what I am looking forward to is completing my last semester before applying to the PA program. I have almost every detail completed except the GRE's and my personal statement, which I will begin working on as soon as this spring's classes are over. The suspense is insane but the excitement to go through the application processes and getting closer to my dream is exhilarating! Oh, and to go back to the other things I am looking forward to, I wasn't being sarcastic, haha. I love my job(s) working with patients even though it can be daunting and exhausting, the reward I get from helping people is worth every dirty job I may have to do. It will also be great to have more time to update this blog! I have been so busy studying that I haven't had too much time to write, but this summer I will definitely have some more time! Though it is Easter, I must hit the books for a bit before leaving to go to my Aunt's house, I will do my best to update again next week! I would really like some feedback on my last post and on what types of posts you'd like to see in the future! I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and I hope you all continue reading!

Happy Holidays!